Maison Lener is a French brand that creates contemporary, refined, and easy-to-wear collections with vibrant and colorful variations. Designed to last, our pieces are timeless to transcend trends and withstand seasons.

As a family-owned house specialized in coat and clothing manufacturing since 1954, we reinvent ourselves with each season, drawing inspiration from design and architecture. Our manufacturing expertise allows us to align with both the present and the future through thoughtful and sustainable collections.
The Maison Lener spirit embodies a minimalist, urban, and elegant style rooted in modernity.


Maison Lener works on two collections per year. Whether it’s summer or winter, the Maison offers a selection of coats, trench coats, suits, blouses, dresses, and skirts with structured or oversized silhouettes.

The collection consists of timeless pieces from the women’s wardrobe, easy to wear,
punctuated by seasonal creations with designer and sportswear influences.


Maison Lener collections are mainly made with natural materials: cotton, linen, virgin wool, alpaca, mixtures of natural materials but also technical fabrics for water-repellent or waterproof models. We have been working closely with French or Italian suppliers for over 50 years.

We use noble materials to meet two criteria: quality and longevity, for clothes that make sense, both in terms of style and in terms of ethics.

A french know-how since 1954

Maison Lener is a brand with a profound meaning, unlike many others in France. It draws its strength from its parent company, Lener Cordier, a family-owned business located in Hazebrouck in northern France. Lener Cordier is a true guardian of French craftsmanship, with 70 years of history and expertise in crafting coats and tailoring pieces. This heritage allows us to be one of the last French companies with expertise in this field.

For four generations, we have lovingly and meticulously crafted our garments in our own workshops. Our unique value lies in the complete integration of all the various trades within our workshops, from designing collections and selecting materials to pattern-making, development, and prototype refinement. This organization enables us to maintain strict control and impeccable quality for every detail.

Maison Lener, as a high-end creator brand, represents the legacy of our history and French craftsmanship.

Short circuit manufacturing

Maison Lener is among the brands that have endured for a genuine reason: a commitment to fashion that values style and trends without compromising on quality and comfort. It is fashion that relies on true craftsmanship and a "short supply chain" with very few intermediaries. It is sustainable fashion that has real significance and caters to the emerging trends of more responsible consumption.

· Collection creation
This is where the collections come to life throughcreation, styling, pattern making, prototyping, and refinement. 87 employees contribute their skills to these various stages of creation and manufacturing.
· Quality control & logistics
All our collections are meticulously inspected and shipped from France.

· Raw materials
The raw materials are primarily sourced from Italy from our suppliers with whom we have been collaborating for over 50 years.
· Linings
As for the linings, they come from Spain.

· Production
The production of our collections is carried out in our own manufacturing facilities in Ukraine. Our teams are specifically trained according to French know-how, ensuring a level of quality and excellence.
· Economic support
Since the beginning of the conflict, we have been committed to supporting our teams and maintaining an activity that allows them to continue working.·