The new Maison Lener autumn/winter collection offers strong and vibrant silhouettes. Always focused on a modern, graphic, and urban style, this new season plays with colors and volumes for looks that are both streamlined and minimalist, but also streetwear-inspired. It's a feminine and eclectic collection where cool colors mix with warmer tones such as vibrant green, orange, and royal blue, and where the oversized trend asserts itself as a bold statement.

The androgynous looks, featuring boyish suits or oversized travel coats, create timeless styles designed to endure. Two striking prints set the rhythm for the season: a multicolored mineral print, paying homage to autumn, and a black and white print that adds a resolutely graphic touch to workwear-inspired silhouettes.

Coats are the centerpiece of this thoughtful collection, allowing for multiple looks with timeless pieces that stand the test of time. Alpaca, a symbolic material of Maison Lener, cold wool, and fluffy wool for the depths of winter, the models are enveloping and structured, while the colors complement and enhance the looks.